This blog births from my personal experience: when I was sick and under chemotherapy, I have understood how much is important to well eat, how much I was wrong in my nutrional past years, how the right nutrition can improve the tollerance to treatment and the final results over the disease.

So, I decided to transmit all over the world my experience to help many people in similar situation. Even if you want to be healthy and feel the energy in your body and your mind at the top and if you can look at the mirror and make a smile because proud of yourself and happy of your shape, contact me! We can comunicate by mail in english by the way and find the rigth solution for you, nutrition and lifestyle, key of motivation either.

I’m waiting for you!!!

Liveloveat is a lifestyle, 360 degrees care of person, either healthy, either sick …I’ll trying to help you to improve your quality of life.

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Simona Casadei

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